Eyeing the trailer.

Total 480 Hours

On the trailer ready to head out. She cleared the edge of the sundeck by 1/4".

Dave kindly offered the trailer and drove her down to the sea. Thats Iain of 'Loon III' in the army pose ( hands in pockets )

Don't try this with your 30 footer, kids.

Rudder installation.

Drop those 18 pound masts in.

Mast wedges, the string keep them from making life interesting.

Rigging the starboard boom. I have only finished one sail and as it is blowing 25-30kt that should be enough for a maiden voyage.

Appropriate words are said, no virgins or chickens were killed, but some good wine was shared with Neptune.

She sat on the water like a swan. We sailed off into a pretty hefty breeze, mucked about in the chanel and made it to the big cats berth.

Hanging out with big cat for some outfitting.

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